Garage Sales

Foskett Ranch Community Garage Sale

Organized and Sponsored by Terri Dace and Shaunda Holt

Saturday September 16th, 2017 8am to 12pm

Registration Deadline September 8th, 2017

Everyone in this neighborhood has been invited to participate. Register here and your home will be added to the map. We will do all the work and promote the neighborhood garage sale in the local papers, social sites, signs, craigslist and provide you with a sign and stickers for a successful sale.

Once registered, we will send you a confirmation email. Participants will receive the sign and stickers 2-3 days prior to the date of garage sale. Happy Selling!!

Maps to homes participating located at the paw print markers

Residents who would like to donate an item or items to The Salt Mine may do so in the following ways:

  1. Call (916) 645-3778
  2. Go online at you can schedule a pick up of large items from your house.
  3. You may also drop off items at 105 Floccini Circle, Lincoln CA 95648.
    • The Salt Mine will not collect trash. Acceptance of items is at their discretion and is based on need of that item at that time. Donation receipts can be issued if you need one. All Donations to the Salt Mine benefit 100% of Lincoln Families in need.

Please leave this field empty.